I have begun a brand new chapter in my life…the chapter of gun ownership.  I am surprised to be writing this post as I never would have thought I would shoot a gun let alone own one.  Let me give you a little background.

I have never been a fan of guns in the house as I thought they posed a huge safety issue.  I don’t have little one’s living with me anymore, but do occasionally have my grandchildren here so I was even more protective.  A few months ago, I was home alone and someone came to the door I did not know.  We have had a rash of burglaries in our area and even a home invasion not too far from me.  I was terrified.  This is not like me and for all I now the person on the other side may have been harmless.  But what if he hadn’t been…what if he had tried to get in?  What would I have done?

I talked to my husband and we decided we both needed to know how to fire a gun safely and how to handle a situation like this in the future.  We jumped on Youtube and watched endless videos on different revolvers and then went to a local gun range where I tried several of them out.  I liked the idea of a revolver so I could see when it was loaded and how many shots I had, but none really seemed right to me.  My husband was set on a semi-automatic Glock 42 pistol and I finally relented and tried it out.  I was a little bit scared of having a semi-automatic pistol but I absolutely loved it!  Little kick and better control sold me.  We purchased two Glock 42 pistols the following week and became members at the range.  I also joined the National Rifle Association and downloaded all kinds of materials on gun safety and shooting competitions.  Who knew you could do so much to sharpen your skills and have fun too!  And there is a Farm Girl Sisterhood badge to earn!  Woo hoo!


The next time on the range I earned my first pistol qualification – Pro-Marksman!  To earn this I had to shoot 10 nine inch paper plates with 5 shots each all within a half inch from the edge.  I shot 10 on each plate with almost all of them 1 1/2″ from the edge.

This is turning into a fun hobby, but also equipping us with a new sense of protection.  When the weather gets a little better we will be taking our Conceal and Carry class so we can get our permits to carry our firearms.  I am not sure I will actually carry it, but you never know and it is good to have the option.  I am not a hunter and don’t feel the need to shoot an animal, but being able to shoot is a very good skill to have.

This is just another example of stepping out of your comfort zone and tackling your fears.  You can do it too!  Try something totally out of the box for yourself and let me know how it turns out!  Gotta go…the shooting range is calling my name!


One of my targets from the first time I shot my new Glock 42.