A Knitter Is Born

Scarf 3

I have never knitted in my life so I figured this badge was a great one to take me way out of my comfort zone and tackle something brand new!  I am a quilter by nature so I would say I am somewhat creative and crafty.  But I am allergic to wool.  Yes that’s right…allergic but willing to learn to knit with what…you guessed it…wool yarn!  I can do this!

First thing to do is buy yarn and some knitting needles.  No sweat!  I head over to Michaels and walk back to the yarn section.  Uh Oh!  There are a million different kinds of yarn.  I knew I wanted to start out making a fluffy scarf so I walked up and down feeling every skein as I went until I found one that was very soft and pretty bulky.  Yarn…check!  Now needles.  A friend told me to get Size 13 so I found a set of those and they were purple, my favorite color.  Double Check!

My first volunteer teacher went back to college before our first lesson and I was left with yarn and needles, but no teacher.  Luckily, my friend and co-worker knits and was willing to teach me.  My first lesson went pretty good.  She taught me how to cast on and how to knit stitch.  I found out the yarn I bought was probably going to be a difficult choice for a beginner, but I had confidence I could do it!!

I left her house with about three rows of knitting on my needle and had casted on 14 stitches.  This is important information.

I went home and knitted up a storm.  My scarf grew longer and longer…and wider and wider.  About half way through I counted my stitches and was up to 20.  How in the world does that happen?!  Apparently I was increasing (wrapping the yarn around the needle before knitting the stitch).  See how much I have learned already!  I know how to accidentally increase!  Well the remainder of the scarf stayed at 20…Whew!

I signed up for a Craftsy course on knitting so I could watch over and over how to cast on, knit stitch, bind off and weave my ends in.  The scarf took about a week.  Not half bad for a newbie knitter!

Scarf 1

The Craftsy class also had several more projects, with a project list so I ordered some new yarn and needles for these.  A skein of wursted merino wool and a skein of Cascade 220 plus Size 7 and Size 9 needles.  I also purchased a knitting gauge and some darning needles.  My knitting supplies are growing!

Now being a quilter I couldn’t leave it at that.  One of the recommend supplies was a knitting bag.  Well no self respecting quilter can “buy” a knitting bag can she?  I made this adorable charm tote bag to carry all my new yarn and knitting goodies in.  I had to choose some bright spring colors after this long hard winter we are having!

Knitting Tote

Another thing I saw on a lot of websites was a knitting needle carrying case.  So I found a great pattern for a needle case that had an embroidered flower on the cover.  Score!  Embroidery and quilting to carry knitting supplies in.  Ok I am in deep here!!  But I gathered some cute country fabrics from my stash and whipped this adorable case up in no time.  Some of my fabrics even had bees on them!  Bee Awareness is important according to Mary Jane and I have to do my part!!

Knitting Needle Case Outside

Knitting Needle Case Inside

So I am three weeks in and have completed two scarves, one with lace (Hello Intermediate Level Badge) and made a tote bag and knitting needle case and am working on scarf three!  The keyhole scarf below required knit, purl, increase, decrease, bind off in the middle to create a keyhole, seaming and blocking.  Wow!  Don’t I sound like a knitter?

Scarf 2


Scarf three is a seed stitch…knit, purl, knit, purl…oh my!  I am pretty sure this may qualify for Advanced level.  Woo Hoo!!  This one is keeping me very focused, because I need to count how many knits and how many purls.  No Downton Abbey watching while knitting this bad boy!  Or girl..she is purple after all!

I have knitted with my friend for over five hours and found a group of knitters that gather every Monday evening at a yarn store to knit together.  I have been there once so far and the group was very friendly!

I think I may like this new hobby and FYI my wool allergy has not flared up so far when handling the wool.  I also learned that using Alpaca yarn may help if I am going to wear the project next to my skin.

Ta Ta For now… I’m off to knit…or was that purl…

~ Stay Blessed

Mary Jo

Farmgirl #5559


2 thoughts on “A Knitter Is Born

  1. Mary Jo you are such a talented woman. You are such an inspiration to me. You do such wonderful work. Looking forward to our next Farm Girls meeting. God Bless you my Dear.

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