Badge Mania

Starlings 02-06-2014

This week I finally organized all the badges I have been working on and applied for 10 badges!  Some I started back before Christmas and they took a month to complete, like the Beginner Gratitude badge and the Bustin Out! badge (try one new organic food each week for one month).  Others like the Beginning Scrap Book badge, the Quilting badge, the Bird badge and the Blogging badge I had been working on and just hadn’t had a minute to fill out and submit the applications.

Well Thursday evening I got them submitted!  And I have so many more in the works.  I am really enjoying all the different areas I am learning about.

I applied for all three levels of the Blogging badge and if you are here reading this you are on my latest blog project.  I also have a quilting blog on my website The Quilt Bear that you can explore HERE.  I also had a blog I started several years ago called My Life as an Umpire’s Girl that followed my adventures watching my husband as he umpired girl’s fast pitch softball games and boy’s baseball games.  I got away from posting on that one, but hope to pick it up again soon.

One of my favorite badges has been the Birds Beginner and Intermediate badges.  I found a great website that listed all the birds I could find in Northwest Ohio and the season’s I could expect to see them.  This was so helpful.  I started taking some pictures of the birds that came to my feeder and even identified a bird I had been trying to figure out for months…a Northern Mocking Bird.

Starlings 02-06-2014

Starlings enjoying some homemade wheat bread.

Female Cardinal

A female cardinal who refused to turn her head my way!

Birdies in the Snow

Doves and a junco enjoying some grub in the snow.

I also finished some quilting projects and applied for the beginner badge, which is weird for me, because I have been a quilter for many years.  But to challenge myself I decided to try to learn some new techniques and focus on strengthening my weak areas.  For the beginner badge I decided to expand my machine quilting skills and made two projects I quilted myself.  I usually send out the larger projects to a long-armer and quilt the smaller ones in the ditch.  This time I drew some intricate geometric designs on my quilt top with a Frixion Heat Erase marking pen and then quilted on the lines.  I also used quilting pins instead of spray basting which was a new experience for me.  I loved how they turned out and am going to try free motion next.

Quilts - Beginner Level

This week I am going to learn how to knit.  I have a friend who is going to teach me some basics so I can make a scarf.  I need it in all this snow!  I am excited to try this since I have never knitted anything in my life.  I bought my yarn and knitting needles and can’t wait to see how it all works!

What are you working on?  I would love to hear your adventures!  Post a comment and let me know your favorite badge!

~Stay blessed,

Mary Jo  – Farmgirl #5559


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