Farm Girl Christmas

Farm Girl Christmas

I have the most awesome hubbie!  He completely surprised me with the entire collection of Mary Jane’s books for Christmas!  AND…a farm girl official charm necklace!  I am ready to get reading!  Now when the glamper in me really comes out and we have a small travel trailer sitting in the driveway…we may have trouble!

Our chapter is really taking off and we haven’t even had our first meeting yet!  We are up to 8 members and an article in the local newspaper just came out yesterday.  Cant wait to see how this goes!    I was able to get 7 binders almost for free using my Office Max and Staples points and two ladies donated lots of scrapbooking supplies.  I am going to copy the inserts and let them assemble their own binders.  I think it is a great way to open our meeting and get them earning a scrapbooking badge!

Today is Christmas and I hope it finds you and your family safe, happy and blessed!  We have a little snow which always makes it feel a little more festive.  Enjoy your family and as always Stay Blessed!


~Mary Jo

Farmgirl Sister #5559


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