We are now official!

We are official! The Faithful Farm Girls are now a chapter of the Mary Jane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood! Message me for information on how you can join and be a part of this awesome group! I will be scheduling our first meeting in January! Hope to see you there! Become a member of the Farmgirl Sisterhood this month for on $13…that’s a savings of $7 of the annual membership.  Click here to join NOW!

farmgirl_sisterhood-badges~Stay Blessed

Mary Jo

Farmgirl #5559



8 thoughts on “We are now official!

  1. Wow Mary Jo! Looks great. I’d like to do a separate blog for my chapter, but for now I have it set up as a page on my main blog. If you’re interested, here’s the call for new members that I did: http://www.joyelick.com/p/fearless-farm-girls.html. Your page here is a good idea. I signed up to follow so I can be in the loop. Hopefully, I’ll start posting what we’re doing in our group on my page.
    Thanks so much for putting my button on your page! You’re amazing. You made your binders and started a chapter just like that! I know it will go well for you.

    Farmgirl hugs,
    Melody Joy Elick
    Farmgirl sister #5290

  2. Joy,

    Thank you for being a true farm girl inspiration! I LOVE your call for new members! May I borrow it for a local newspaper post? It is worded perfectly! You are so creative! I have about 4 ladies from my church that are planning on attending the first meeting in January so that is a start!
    I am really enjoying being a sister! What a wonderful group of ladies!

    ~Stay blessed,
    Mary Jo
    Farmgirl Sister #5559

    • Feel free to borrow the words (I didn’t come up with all of it myself–I used something offered in Chapter Chatter in the chat room at the Farmgirl Connection site. The picture is from istock and copyrighted, so can’t use that. Four girls is a great start. Ask them to invite their friends 🙂

      Merry Christmas!
      Melody Joy Elick,

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